How to Apply For Any VISA

How to Apply For Any VISA

Visa application can be a daunting task no matter what kind of traveller you are. There is a lot of preparation that you need to go through to prosper in this kind of process. Most time's it is quite annoying and time-consuming to get a visa but this guide is for your CONVENIENCE. Everyone wants to be a tourist, learn the easiest way to apply for a TOURIST VISA, anywhere! It's going to be a timesaver and you're going to get the most out of this read winklaugh

DISCLAIMER: This list MAY or MAY not apply to you because use each embassy has their requirements so through every step of the way make sure you liaise with your embassy either through their call centre or on email to make sure you have all the requirements. These rules change all the time to it is important to stay up to date with the rules of your embassy. 

1. Passport - Make sure your passport is up to date. If your passport is about to retire, make sure it has 6 months at the least before it expires. It's easier for any embassy to give you access to their country if your passport is in check. 

2. Application Form - Fill out the application form according to the Embassy's specifications. It's about being clear and answering the questions as they're asked. Fill out the applications in capital letters and also make your handwriting as readbale as possible. You may be asked to come with a printed version of the application form (depending on the embassy) or some Embassy's have a printed application form.

3. Invitation Letter - This applies if you're going to visit a friend/relative/attending a conference/voluntering in a foreign country. It only applies if you have prior connecetions in that country before travelling. If you don't, you won't need a letter. 

4. Booking Forms - These are fundamental to bring to any embassy. They may include your accomodation and flight bookings. These bookings show your intent to travel to the destination to the embassy and also prove that you can sustain yourself while you're at a destination. 

5. Proof of Employement -  If you're an employee at a company, you need a proof of employement letter that certifies that you're an employee at that company and you're a tax paying citizen. 

6. Bank Statements -  This is not a requirement by all embassies but only needed by some. Bank Statements may be needed for a period of 3-10 years (depending on the embassy) to prove that you can financially support yourself while you're in the given destination. 

7. Business Registration Certificate & County Council Certificate - If you're self employed, you need a business registration certificate to prove the legitimacy of your business. 

8. Student Letter - Embassies need letters from educational institution certifying that you actually attend that institution. To be safe, they can just say your name and your course and you'll be okay. But some embassies require the letter to include your date of birth and your passport number (which is extreme but it could be a possibility)

9. Consent Letter - If you're a minor under the age of 18 years, it is important to have a consent letter from both of your parents if you're travelling alone with their ID copies and if you're travelling with a single parent, you need your other parents ID copy. 

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