How To Backpack Long-term Across Different Countries & Continents

How To Backpack Long-term Across Different Countries & Continents

Backpacking originated in the 1960s from hippies who wanted to experience the world and save as much money as possible. In the 21st century, Backpacking has become a huge phenomenon that is now used by thousands of people annually to see the world for less. But there are a few common factors that people still struggle with: MONEY, TIME & MENTALITY. This list is about to debunk your greatest travel fears and teach YOU how to backpack across different COUNTRIES & CONTINENTS for a long period. 

1. Flights - Book the flights in advance by 3 - 6 months. When you book your flights they are way cheaper. 

2. Transportation - When you get to your destination, start using public transportation or a taxi app. This is the best way to move around because it's cheaper than using local taxis. The issue with local taxis are the prices fluctuate and they are mostly more expensive than other means of transportation.

3. Food - It's cheaper for you to eat street food or try local delicacies. Eating like a local is going to save you a lot of money because street food joints are normally cheaper. If you have the time and facility, you can also cook for yourself which is the cheapest form of food in the long-run. 

4. Sources of information - In this day and age, everyone is privileged to be living in an era of the internet. There is a wealth of information that we benefit from in the modern age. Join groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that are filled with backpackers who have been to the destinations you'd like to travel to, ask information freely and you will get a positive response. The more information you give out, the more you will receive! 

5. Attractions - This is a fixed cost no matter what time of year you're booking the trip. You should make a list of the places you'd like to go and budget for them in advance. You don't have to go to all the destinations, you can choose the ones you'd like to see. It's okay to say NO sometimes because you're going to waste a lot of money if you go to all the attractions. 

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