Protect Yourself Within The Coronavirus Outbreak

Protect Yourself Within The Coronavirus Outbreak

The 21st Century is home to emerging diseases such as Bird Flu, SARS, Ebola and most recently, Coronavirus. These diseases have put the world to a near standstill in recent times; people are very scared; travel is restricted and everyone is on the hunt for a scapegoat to blame. In this case, it’s the Chinese. Social media and the news are filled with Coronavirus updates and we get updated from the World Health Organization almost daily about the progress of the virus. Everyone is hoping for a cure. The world has become one giant rumour mill separating the sick from the healthy. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a massive impact on travel within society. Companies and airlines have shut down travelling for an indefinite period.  

Here’s what you need to Know:  

  • There are numerous flight cancellations. The travel industry is suffering more than ever since 9/11. There are a lot of cutbacks & drawbacks. 

  • Airlines have increased their sanitation efforts.  

  • CruiseLine's have had various cases such as the Diamond Princess Cruise ship in Japan  

  • Traveller screening procedures have increased from infected countries 

  • There are travel advisories against travelling to China, Italy, Iran and South Korea 

  • Attractions & Events are cancelled – museums and concerts have been cancelled due to the outbreak from Paris – Japan 

  • Travel Insurance won’t cover this situation

 This ponders the question; can YOU still protect yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak?  

  1. Can you still travel?  

Yes, you can travel but you must be aware of the airline restrictions and the quarantined areas in the region. Coronavirus is NOT airborne it is transmitted with droplets. The virus stays alive for 30 minutes.  

  1. Are plane cabins dangerous?  

The virus is spread through droplets from virus-infected people. If you’re sharing a plane seat with someone, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use an alcohol-based rub.  

  1. Measures You Can take from people with symptoms  

  • Stay away from people who are coughing, isolate yourself  

  • Coughing etiquette – cough into your elbow, cough into a tissue then throw it in a bin 

  • Wash your hands as often as they get in contact with dirt, if they are not dirty you can use alcohol-based rubbing

  • Incubation Days – 5-14. If it doesn’t work and you have symptoms, go to the hospital 

  • You can’t get the infection without being in contact with someone with the virus 

  1. Mask Effectiveness  

They are very effective for sick people not to contaminate others but for healthy people, they are not effective. They are also effective for people who are caring for sick people. Don’t touch the exterior part of the mask. 

  1. Hotel Rooms  

Have good food hygiene practices, also keep washing your hands and use an alcohol rub.  

  1. Airports 

It’s better to stay in less crowded areas but if you’re travelling, you have to go to the airport. 


  1. Plane with infected people  

If you’re on a plane with an infected person, you’ll get a contact form to fill out but the crew will know how to handle them. It’s better to keep washing your hands constantly and also use an alcohol rub.  

  1. Cruise Ships  

These are just like planes, if you have to go you still can go but still use the same preventative measures. Cruise Ships also have methods to deal with these issues. 


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